Pinnacle- Visual Review

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Source: Engadget

Source: Engadget

Product: Nico Gerrard’s Pinnacle Watch

Since its birth, one trouble plagued all – the Apple Watch didn’t effectively show time!
So, after about four months of its debut, a California-based watch-maker (perhaps a self-proclaimed genius) decided to play god and merge a classic analog watch and the Apple watch like they were conjoined twins born of a dastardly relationship between a smartwatch and, well, just a snobbish Swiss watch. Take a look at the picture above.

Just imagine putting on a normal watch. You’d simply have to click the buckle or strap it on. But this one’s a tad different. The buckle is on the side. But hey! That’s the least of your problems.

There are two dials on each side of your wrist. On one is a black, stainless steel analog face and on the other, the Apple Watch.

Good luck deciding which one’s the watch and which, the accessory. Or maybe you know, just alternate between them so when an old lady at the Tube asks you for the time you could tell her in a jiffy and look around for the jerk who tweets funny stuff about you not being able to tell the time because you have on an Apple Watch.

Preorders start at $9,300
Special edition: $112,000 18-carat gold watch with the Apple gold Watch *bling*
(That bling was to blind you from the deformed atrocity that it is)

I couldn’t possibly do this. The product is way above my standards to be giving it a rating!
Visually it is just monstrosity and god forbid you want to change the band! (I can already see Mr. Gerrard rubbing his hands smugly because he knows how much money he could make out of it, or does he?)

*The review was written before the release of the product, mostly just for the fun of it and because the piece of junk looks pretty hideous*