No One Writes To The Colonel

I have four and twenty hours and they are scarcely even enough. Yet, I am making a constant effort to read up in the middle of seconds, in the middle of naps, in the middle of getting dressed for work. It’s like I’m constantly multi-tasking and one of the tasks at hand is reading.

Therefore, I’m choosing thin books. Like, literally. Even a 100 pages give me a kick, a sense of accomplishment. This one was just 60 odd pages, so I was pretty sure I’d finish it off in a few jiffies.

However, I barely read much. I read a few pages, bookmarked them and was stuck on a few pages more than a few times. It was probably because of my poor attention span and all that time that’s been slipping through my fingers.

As I write this, I am in the midst of work, I have multiple tabs open and I am shifting back and forth. It’s almost like time travel!

I’ve decided to write this in list form.

What you should know

  • No One Writes to the Colonel” is my first Gabriel Garcia Marquez book.
  • If you’re in one of those phases where you’re constantly being advised on taking time-management classes, not the best book.
  • This book will not give you closure and you won’t mind. #sorrynotsorry

What’s it about?

An unnamed colonel waits for his pension approval from the government. It’s been about fifteen years. In the meantime, poverty feeds on his wife and him, growing thick thighs while their skin and bones become one. They have a rooster they’re counting on to win them a few pesos in an upcoming cock-fight. They share their food with the rooster.

The colonel and his wife consider selling it multiple times. They also consider selling some of their other stuff but somehow never manage. They’re barely surviving. The colonel is always waiting for the post to announce the approval of his pension but is always greeted ominously by its absence.

The couple doesn’t have much. All they are left with is the rooster and a dead son!

What’s to Dig?

  • Beautiful prose
  • Starkly real
  • Intricately sculpted characters
  • Hopeful
  • Heart wrenching

My “Tweet-sized” Take

I have never read a book that ended so abruptly and powerfully. It’s beautifully painful.