Oh Wonder – Your Dose of Happy (Review)

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We find music in so many ways. Some are handed down to us by our parents, some we find while rummaging through our great aunt’s collection. Some latch on to us via TV ads, some are suggested by friends and then some via YouTube/SoundCloud autoplay!

The “autoplay” feature is a honey-pot for user engagement. While it can backfire completely for being distracting, it has only delighted me. I’ve found great music through “autoplay.” Heart-breaking music. Relaxing music. Upbeat music. Oh Wonder Music!

I thank my lucky stars for the moment I stumbled upon their single, Technicolor Beat and they had me at “woo…wooo…wooo” (You’ll know what I mean if you’ve heard it). The song had me wanting for more and as I kept exploring their work I only grew to love them.

Oh No! They Didn’t!

OWpic (Source: OW Official Facebook)

This London-based duo- Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht – released one single every…

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