The Duck is Watching You

This & That

Last night, someone asked me again, “what do you fear the most?”

“I’m scared of tsunamis,” I said.

“I’m scared of fish,” he said.

“A particular fish?” I asked.

“No, just a fish,” he said.

Our fears are like little metal souvenirs, we keep locked in a secret box. We collect them over the journey of life and want absolutely no one to see it.

Souvenirs are nice. They are all so different. There’s a heartbreak souvenir, an abuse souvenir and then there’s a “duck-watching-you” souvenir! (seriously)

People are scared of a variety of things. Here is a sample list, I’ll start with the normal ones:

  1. Fear of long words: Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (The irony!)
  2. Fear of holes –Trypophobia (A hole lot of anxiety, man!)
  3. Fear of crossing the street: Agyrophobia (Do they like The Beatles?)
  4. Fear of one’s mother-in-law: Pentheraphobia (Ahem!)
  5. Fear of Dinner-table conversation: Deipnophobia (Eat and let eat…

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